Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

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Alternative title:
Street Fighter II - O Filme (Portuguese)
Street Fighter II Le Film (French)
Street Fighter II: Animação (Portuguese)
Street Fighter II: La caricatura (Spanish)
Street Fighter II: The Movie
Street Fighter: Soul Powers
Uliczny wojownik II (Polish)
ストリートファイターII (Japanese)
Themes: martial arts
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Shadowlaw—an underground organization bent on world domination through drug smuggling, illegal weapons distribution and terrorism. Led by the evil M. Bison (Vega in the Japanese version), Shadowlaw hopes to increase their power by recruiting the world's greatest street fighters. Their main target: Ryu—a master of Shotokan Karate who roams all over the world to test his skills against other fighters. As a means to lure the elusive Ryu, Bison abducts his best friend, former martial arts champion Ken Masters, and uses him as bait. Interpol agent Chun-Li and U.S. Air Force pilot Guile team up to get to Ryu before Bison does and continues his reign of terror.
User Ratings: 866 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 43 votes (dub:23, sub:17, others:3
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 French subtitled
 Excellent: 118 votes (dub:70, sub:33, edit.dub:3, ?:3, raw:1, others:8
5 Spanish dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Turkish subtitled
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Very good: 159 votes (dub:90, sub:54, edit.dub:4, ?:1, raw:1, others:9
2 Portuguese subtitled
2 Spanish subtitled
1 French subtitled
1 Spanish edited dub
1 Italian dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Good: 245 votes (dub:138, sub:91, ?:3, edit.dub:2, others:11
4 Spanish dubbed
2 Portuguese subtitled
2 Portuguese dubbed
1 Dutch subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Italian dubbed
 Decent: 159 votes (dub:81, sub:62, raw:4, ?:2, edit.dub:2, others:8
2 Spanish dubbed
1 French dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
1 French subtitled
1 German dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 German subtitled
 So-so: 51 votes (dub:27, sub:20, ?:3, edit.dub:1)
 Not really good: 35 votes (dub:22, sub:11, edit.dub:1, others:1
1 German subtitled
 Weak: 25 votes (sub:12, dub:10, others:3
1 French subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Bad: 20 votes (dub:10, sub:7, edit.dub:1, others:2
2 French dubbed
 Awful: 8 votes (dub:4, sub:3, others:1
1 Swedish subtitled
 Worst ever: 3 votes (sub:2, dub:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 1655 users, rank: #700 (of 6847)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 6.872 (Good), std. dev.: 1.8664, rank: #3043 (of 6861)
Weighted mean: 6.799 (Good−), rank: #3099 (of 6861) (seen all: 6.82 / seen some: 4.81)
Bayesian estimate: 6.810 (Good−), rank: #2862 (of 5174)
Running time: 101 minutes
2007-02 (Superland Latin America)
Premiere date:
1994-08-06 (Japan)
Opening Theme:
"Fighting Street" by Tetsuya Komuro
Ending Theme:
"Blind" by Korn [U.S. Version]
"Good Luck" by Ryoko Shinohara with Tetsuya Komuro [Japanese Version]
Insert song:
"Cry" by Big Life
"Itoshisa to setsunasa to kokorozuyosa to" (恋しさと せつなさと 心強さと) by Ryoko Shinohara with Tetsuya Komuro
"Kizutsuki nagara atsukunare" (傷つきながら熱くなれ) by ALPH-LYLA
Trivia: We have 10
Based upon characters from the best-selling videogame Super Street Fighter II.
Originally released in the U.S. in two versions: PG-13 and Unrated. The PG-13 version had all of the graphic violence, nudity and profanity edited out. While the Unrated version retained the violence and language, most of Chun Li's shower scene was still cut in this release.
The PG-13 version is also available as a bonus feature on Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for the Sony PlayStation 2 and XBOX.
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    Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (Blu-Ray) 2016-10-25 (from $18.99)
DVD (Region 1)
    Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (DVD) 2006-07-18
    Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (DVD) 2015-12-15 (from $13.79)
    Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (Dub.DVD) 1997-07-02 (from $28.93)
    Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie [Rated] (Dub.VHS) 1996-01-16 (from $2.48)
    Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie [Unrated] (Dub.VHS) 1996-01-16

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Gisaburō Sugii
Character Design: Shukou Murase
Chief Animation Director: Yasuhiro Oshima
Sound Director: Atsumi Tashiro
Director of Photography: Hiroaki Edamitsu
Executive producer:
Akio Sakai
Hiroshi Inagaki
Producer: Kenichi Imai

Action Director: Shinichi Tokairin
Action Supervision:
Andreas Hug
Kazuyoshi Ishii
Animation Check:
Yasuo Ishii
Yoshikazu Samura
Animation producer:
Ikuro Sato
Ken Fujita
Assistant Animation Director:
Ichiro Ogawa
Kimiaki Nagumo
Assistant Animation Inspector: Yoshitoku Yamaguchi
Assistant Director:
Naoto Hashimoto
Takuji Endo
Assistant producer: Futoshi Nishimura
CG Design: Masahiko Yoshida
Color design: Ritsuko Kagawa 
Color setting: Ritsuko Utagawa
Computer Animation: Tsuneo Maeda
Film Editing:
Hiroshi Matsuo (J.S.C.)
Masashi Furukawa
Shigeyuki Yamamori (J-Film)
Martial Arts Director: Shinichi Shoji
Music producer: Keiichi Momose
Presentation: Kenzo Tsujimoto
Production Coordination:
Kazuaki Shimamura
Shuji Miyata
Production Scheduling:
Hitoshi Ikeda
Masahiro Itou
Production Supervision: Yuji Nozaki
Sound Effects Assistant: Katsuhisa Yoshino
Sub Animation Director:
Akira Kano
Masaki Sato
Theme Song Performance:
Alpha-Lyla ("Kitsusuki Nagara Atsukunare")
Big Life ("Cry")
Ryoko Shinohara
Visual Effects: Isamu Imagake 
Visual Effects Animation: Isamu Imakake
Kenji Haga as Ken Masters
Takeshi Kusaka as Vega (M. Bison)

Daisuke Gouri as Edmond Honda
Jouji Nakata as Mike Bison (Balrog)
Kaneto Shiozawa as Balrog Fabio la Cerda (Vega)
Masane Tsukayama as Guile
Miki Fujitani as Chun-Li

Atsushi Kisaichi as VTOL Pilot
Chikao Ohtsuka as Old Scientist (Senoh)
Daisuke Gouri as Xiān Wáng
Ginzo Matsuo as DeeJay
Hideyo Amamoto as Gouken
Hiromi Tsuru as Eliza
Kaneto Shiozawa as Hampson
Makiko Ohmoto as Voice on Phone
Masakatsu Funaki as Fei-Long
Masayoshi Nagasawa as Ring Announcer
Shigezou Sasaoka as Sagat
Shozo Iizuka as Thunder Hawk
Tetsuo Kanao as Zangief
Unshou Ishizuka as Blanka
Yoko Sasaki as Cammy White
Yoshiyuki Yukino as Soldier A
Yukimasa Kishino as Dhalsim
Japanese companies
Animation Production: Group TAC
Associate Editor: Jay Film
Associate Photography:
Ace Creation
Studio Ghibli
Associate Producer: Sony Music Entertainment
Background Design Assistance: Studio Jack
Development: Imagica
Executive Production: CAPCOM
Finish Animation:
Studio Boggy
Studio Cat
Music Production: Sony Music Entertainment
Original Concept: CAPCOM
Photography: Studio Gallop
Production Cooperation: Studio Gazelle
Recording Studio: AVACO Creative Studios
Script Print: Scenario Print
Sound Effects: Toyo Onkyo Kamome
English cast
English staff
Cory Lerios (US version)
John D'Andrea (US version)
John Lowery (guitar)
Translation: Anna Exter (2006 DVD release)
Executive producer: Laurence Guinness

Additional Music: Matthias Weber
Digital Tracking: Joe Romersa
Main Title: Christopher Laskey
Music Clearance: David Powell (The Music Bridge)
Music Coordination: Hillary Bratton
Music Engineer: Moira Marquis
Music Supervision: Mack Hill
Post Production Audio:
Peter Roos
Richard Fairbanks
Post Production Consultant: Winnie Chaffee
Post-Production Assistant: Barbara Kearney
Post-Production Supervision: Eleanor Kearney
Recording Facility Engineer: Les Claypool III
Subtitle Timing: Anna Exter (2006 DVD release)
Theme Song Performance:
Alice in Chains ("Them Bones")
Black-Note ("Evil Dancer")
In The Nursery ("Hallucinations?")
Intermix ("Mantra")
KMFDM ("Ultra")
Korn ("Blind")
Silverchair ("Israel's Son")
Smokin' Suckaz Wit Logic (" 'Cuz I'm Like Dat")
Hank Smith as Ryu
Phil Matthews as M. Bison
Skip Stellrecht as Ryu 
Ted Richards as Ken Masters

Donald Lee as Guile
Kirk Thornton as Guile
Mary Briscoe as Chun-Li
Patrick Gilbert as Edmond Honda
Richard Cansino as Vega
Richard Epcar as Edmond Honda
Steve Davis as Vega
Tom Wyner as M. Bison

Ben Parks as Officer
David Conrad as Sagat
Debra Jean Rogers as Cammy White
Don Carey as Dhalsim
Donald Salin as Terrorist
George Celik as Master
Jimmy Theodore as Investigator B
Joe Michaels as Balrog
Joe Romersa as Balrog
John Hammond as DeeJay
Leo Gray as Old Man
Michael Porter as Fei-Long Movie Director
Michael Reynolds as Minister Sellers
Milton James as Senoh
Murry Williams as Senoh
Peter Brooks as Minister Sellers
Peter Spellos as Sagat
Phil Williams as Fei-Long
Richard Cardona as Thunder Hawk
Roger Canfield as Las Vegas Ring Announcer
S.J. Charvin as Cammy White
Scott Ponsor as Investigator A
Stephen Platt as Investigator B
Steve Bulen as Investigator A
Steven Jay Blum as T.Hawk
Susan Sheffer as Promoter
Tom Carlton as Blanka
Toni Burke as Eliza
William Johnson as Zangief
English companies
ADR Production: Animaze
Broadcaster: Sci-Fi Channel (Ani-Monday)
Madman Entertainment (Australia)
Manga Entertainment (UK)
Licensed by:
Discotek Media (2015)
Kaze (UK)
Manga Entertainment (Expired)
Renegade Video (Expired)
Sony Music Entertainment (Expired)
Post Production Audio: Pharoah Editorial
Recording Facility: Magnitude 8 Post
French staff
French cast
Guy Chapelier as Ryu
Michel Vigné as Bison

Gerard Berner as Honda
Pascal Renwick as Guile
Patrick Borg as Vega
Sybille Tureau as Chun-Li

Alain Margueritte as
Fei Long
Anne Jolivet as Eliza
Gérard Bernard as T Hawk
Patrick Borg as
Sybille Tureau as Camille
French companies
Distributor: Pathé
Dubbing: S.T.A.R.T.
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Angel de Gracia as Ken Masters (Spain dub)
Armando Duque as Ryu
Gustavo Restrepo as Ken Masters
Jesus Barrero as Ryu (DVD ver.)
Jose Antonio Macias as Ken Masters (DVD ver.)
Oriol Rafel as Ryu (Spain dub)
Rafael Gómez as M. Bison

César Martínez as Vega (Spain dub)
Cesar Vargas as Guile
Francisco Garriga as Mike Bison (Spain dub)
Josep María Zamora as Edmond Honda (Spain dub)
Maria Fernanda Morales as Chun Li (DVD ver.)
Mercedes Diemand-Hartz as Chun-Li (Spain dub)
Nancy Cortés as Chun Li
Raul Gutierrez as E. Honda
Ricardo Saldarriaga as Zangief
Santi Lorenz as Guile (Spain dub)

César Martínez as Thunder Hawk (Spain dub)
Hernando Montenegro as Dhalsim
John Grey Clavijo as Fei Long
Jordi Campillo as Gouken (Spain dub)
Jose Manuel Cantor as Balrog
Klaudia Kotte as Cammy White
Manuel García Guevara as Sagat (Spain dub)
Manuel Lázaro as Scientist (Spain dub)
María Luisa Rosselló as
Cammy White (Spain dub)
Indian Girl (Spain dub)
Mario Arpal as Balrog (Spain dub)
Miriam Guilimany as Eliza (Spain dub)
Rafael Calvo as
Dee Jay (Spain dub)
Dhalsim (Spain dub)
Ramon Canals as Fei Long (Spain dub)
Rodrigo Marulanda as Blanka

Enric Isasi-Isasmendi (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
Cadena Tres (Mexico)
Cartoon Network L.A.
Cinema Platino Plus (Mexico)
Superland (Latin America)
Dubbing: Centauro Comunicaciones, Colombia (Latin America)
Dubbing Studio: Q.T. Lever (Spain dub)
DVD Distribution: Selecta Visión
Internet Streaming: Filmin (Spain)
TV Distribution: Selecta Visión
German staff
German cast
Daniel Werner as Ryu
Reinhard Schulat as M.Bison (Vega)
Stephan Schleberger as Ken Masters

Ilya Welter as Chun-Li
Volker Wolf as Guile

Corinna Dörenkamp as
Indian Girl
Las Vegas Waitress
Gregor Höppner as Fei Long
Hans-Gerd Kilbinger as Minister Sellers
Heinz Baumeister as Las Vegas Announcer
Jürg Löw as
Balrog's companion #1
Indian Policeman
Interpol Agent
Karlheinz Tafel as E. Honda
Luise Brings as Cammy White
Luise Charlotte Brings as Cammy White
Norman Matt as Interpol Agent #2
Rolf Berg as
Chinese #4
Thomas Lang as Dee Jay

German companies
Ascot (Rental Video)
Polygram Germany
Publisher: Panini Video (DVD)
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Antônio Moreno as M. Bison (Vega) 
Bira Castro as Ken (Theatrical dub)

Bira Castro as Vega (Balrog; Theatrical dub)
Carlos Eduardo as E. Honda
Celso Alves as Vega (Balrog)
Fátima Noya as Chun Li
Guilherme Lopes as Guile
Jonas Mello as Vega

Afonso Amajones as Fei Long
Alessandra Araújo as Cammy White
Bira Castro as Fei Long (Theatrical dub)
Borges de Barros as Cientist
Bruno Rocha as Master (Ryu and Ken's master)
Daoiz Cabezudo as Interpol Agent
Fábio Tomasini as Dhalsim
Ivo Roberto as Balrog (M. Bison)
João Paulo as T.Hawk
Jorge Pires as Sagat
Marcos Hailer as News reporter
Mário Vilela as Interpol Director
Nelson Machado as Policeman from Calcuta
Sidney Lilla as Albert Sellers
Telma Lúcia as Indian girl

Bira Castro (Theatrical dub)
Carlos Tureta (Theatrical dub)
Márcia Brito (Theatrical dub)
Mauro Blanco (Theatrical dub)
Sebastian Zancanaro (Theatrical dub)
Portuguese companies

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