Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water - Collection 1 (DVD)

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Title: Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water - Collection 1
Volume: DVD
Running time: 500
Distributor: ADV Films

Release date: 2008-11-11
Suggested retail price: $49.98
Age rating: 14+

UPC: 702727108426 702727108426

The World's Fair, Paris, 1889: Young inventor Jean crosses paths with an enigmatic girl named Nadia and her pet lion, King. Suddenly, they find themselves pursued by a villainous trio intent upon stealing the Blue Water, a mysterious jewel Nadia wears around her neck. Join Nadia and Jean as they travel the high seas in search of Nadia's homeland and her past, with the Blue Water as their only clue. Can they unravel its secret before it's too late?

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