Night Shift Nurse: Yagami Yu (DVD)

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Title: Night Shift Nurse: Yagami Yu
Volume: DVD
Running time: 30
Distributor: Kitty Media

Release date: 2008-12-23
Suggested retail price: $29.99
Age rating: 18 & UP

UPC: 631595086065 631595086065
ISBN-10: 1598833715 1598833715
ISBN-13: 9781598833713 9781598833713

A young writer happens to break his leg and is found by a familiar nurse, Yu Yagami. He can't help but be attracted to her feminine charms, and she can't help but please each of his masculine desires. At night, however, the proper young "lady of the lamp" transforms into an insatiable sexual force, bathed completely in the debauchery of her equally depraved partners. The darkest parts of human nature are explored, and not everyone will be prepared for the journey.

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