Hello Kitty Saves the Day (DVD)

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Title: Hello Kitty Saves the Day
Volume: DVD
Running time: 55
Distributor: ADV Films

Release date: 2003-02-04
Suggested retail price: $9.98
Age rating: NR

SKU: 1004253
UPC: 027616883544 027616883544

Journey to magical lands full of adventure as Hello Kitty and her friends save the day.

"Peter Penguin": Fly away to Never-Say-Never-Land as Hello Kitty helps rescue Dinglebell (My Melody) from the wicked Captain Claw (Catnip) in this enchanting adventure culminating in a pie fight to the finish!

"Tar-Sam of the Jungle": Tar-Sam, the ape-penguin, loves swinging from vines with new pal Kitty-Jane. But when Hunter Catnip comes slinking through the trees, it'll take Tar-Sam and all his jungle friends to stop her!

"Paws of the Round Table" Once upon a meow, brave King Arthur (Chip) defeated a mighty dragon to rescue the beautiful Lady Bunnyvere...but not without the help of his magic sword Excalibur and, of course, Hello Kitty!

"Crocodile Penguin": G'day, boys and girls! Hello Kitty's newest pal is Crocodile Penguin, wrestling champ of Australia. And with a little unintended help from Catnip and Fangora, he'll soon be champion of the world!

"Grinder Genie and the Magic Lamp": Magic comes to life when Hello Kitty and Sam find a lamp with a genie inside, make three wishes and save Grandpa Kitty from the evil Sultaness Catnip.

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