Dragon Ball Z [2nd Edition] (GN 6 of 26)

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Title: Dragon Ball Z [2nd Edition]
Volume: GN 6 / 26
Pages: 192
Distributor: Viz Media

Release date: 2003-04-09
Suggested retail price: $7.95
Age rating: 13+

ISBN-10: 1569319359 1569319359
ISBN-13: 9781569319352 9781569319352

Freeza and his minions continue their ruthless search for Planet Namek's Dragon Ball, leaving not a single Namekian alive in their wake! When Kuririn and Gohan attempt a daring rescue of a Namekian child, they become involved in a deadly game of hide-and-seek with the murderous Dodoria.

But after escaping one alien brute, Kuririn and Gohan discover they've got another to deal with - Vegeta! The Saiyan they never wanted to see again is back, and like Freeza he too is searching for the Namekian Dragon Balls in a mad quest for immortality. Will Goku make it to Namek in time? And even if he does, can he possible stop both Freeza and Vegeta before either of their ambitions are realized?

Story and art by Akira Toriyama.

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