Utsubora - The Story of a Novelist (GN)

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Title: Utsubora - The Story of a Novelist
Volume: GN
Pages: 460
Distributor: Vertical

Release date: 2013-06-18
Suggested retail price: $18.95
Age rating: 16+

ISBN-10: 1935654764 1935654764
ISBN-13: 9781935654766 9781935654766

Complete in one volume, Utsubora intimates the story of a novelist who succumbs to the siren call of plagiarism when a mysterious beauty straight from his own pages accosts him unbidden.

Young author Aki Fujino appeared poised to making it big in the world of publishing. Her debut title Utsobora was being pitched about to a number of editors and at least one person felt it was set to propel her into stardom. However, before she could ever have her book published, the young woman was found dead. Some believe it was a suicide, but those close to her feel there is something more sinister involved in this young talent's death.

Aki's death has become something straight out of a mystery. Much like the story behind Utsubora, there is something more to Aki, Sakura, and their relationship with an author named Misoro than meets the eye. And it is possible that the only way to solve this mystery may be to uncover all their secrets.

Story and art by Asumiko Nakamura.

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