Ring × Mama (GN 2 of 5)

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Title: Ring × Mama
Volume: GN 2 / 5
Pages: 200
Distributor: Project-H

Release date: 2014-02-11
Suggested retail price: $17.95
Age rating: 18+

ISBN-10: 1624590314 1624590314
ISBN-13: 9781624590313 9781624590313

The adventure of the man with the unsinkable package continues! With the successful comeback of MILF wrestling trio GIGA-MAX well underway, upstart wrestling manager Ryoma Hamazaki is getting a lot more attention. When it comes to his team, Ryoma's willing to put his body on the line. But as his stable of female wrestlers continues to grow, will Ryoma find himself in over his head?

Story and art by Johji Manabe.

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