Beyblade: The Classic First Season (Dub.DVD)

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Title: Beyblade: The Classic First Season
Volume: Dub.DVD
Running time: 1122
Distributor: New Video Group

Release date: 2014-08-12
Suggested retail price: $69.95
Age rating: 10+

UPC: 025192235597 025192235597

Tyson Granger,​ a young boy,​ and his friend Kenny enter the Japanese Regional Qualifying Beyblade Tournament.​ There,​ Tyson meets new players and organizes a team called the Bladebreakers in order to win the Beyblade World Championship.​ They compete with spinning tops called Beyblades (which hold beasts inside them), forge friendships and create opponents along the way.​

Contains episodes 1-51.​

Spoken Languages: English.​

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