Girls Bravo (eBook 4 of 10)

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Title: Girls Bravo
Volume: eBook 4 / 10
Running time: 181
Distributor: Viz Media

Release date: 2015-05-19
Suggested retail price: $4.99

ISBN-13: 9781421584133 9781421584133


Fukuyama's up to his old tricks, and - just as you'd expect from him - they're dirty! The self-proclaimed handsomest dude in school tells Miharu, Koyomi and Kirie that he stole some of their delicate personal items and there's only one way to retrieve their loot: a treasure hunt through a field of perverted traps!

Later, April Fool's and aliens definitely don't mix, and Risa's newest black magic love potion needs one special ingredient: Miharu's pet!

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