Zoids - Hope (Dub.DVD 10)

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Title: Zoids - Hope
Volume: Dub.DVD 10
Running time: 132
Distributor: Viz Media

Release date: 2005-09-20
Suggested retail price: $14.98
Age rating: ALL

UPC: 782009210436 782009210436
ISBN-10: 1591167647 1591167647
ISBN-13: 9781591167648 9781591167648

A completely new ZOIDS called the "Death Stinger " demonstrates its formidable power against the Guardian Forces, causing irreparable damage to the Geno Saurer. The mastermind behind this scheme, Hillz, wants to destroy the Republic. Will the capital survive?!

Features six episodes:
Supersonic Battle
The Nightmare
Attack of the Winged Dragons
The Capital Collapses
The Giant Fortress

DVD Features: Zoids stats, character bios, and Previews.

Spoken Languages: English.

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