Letter from the Encyclopedist
An update from Tokyo

by Daniel DeLorme,
I am writing this letter from the heart of Tokyo! A little more about that in a moment, but for now there is a little update I must announce. When we introduced My Anime a little over two months ago, I said I would add a page with statistics about anime ratings when enough people had entered information. As promised, today we have added just such a ratings page so you can see what titles are best rated, worst rated, most underrated, etc. I must admit to being pleasantly surprised with the results. Looking at the various top 10s, I really cannot disagree with any of the titles in there, at least not the ones that I know. The critically acclaimed titles top the "best rated" chart, the fan-favorites top the "most popular" chart, etc. And forgive me if I get a little smug when I see that some of my favorites which I consider severely underrated do indeed top the "most underrated" chart. I do believe that ANN readers have very good taste in anime ^_^

Now that this first part is out of the way, I must take this opportunity to talk a little bit more about the current status of the encyclopedia. Some of you may have noticed a certain slowdown (or sometimes immobility) in getting response to email or new anime submissions or error reports. This is due in part to a strong increase in submissions over the last few months, but it is also due to a little shortage in staff we are currently experiencing. Miagi's responsibilities in other areas of the site have sharply increased, and I... well, I have moved to Tokyo! Yes, that's right, yours truly has found a job in the land of the rising sun. Needless to say, moving to a new place can get pretty busy, and moving to a new country doubly so. As such, the time I can put on ANN has dropped almost to zero. We had planned to resolve this by getting the help of two new staff members, but I've been so busy that I haven't had the time to properly brief them on how to use the various administration tools. So basically, the administration of the Encyclopedia has been on pause for the last month. If you have sent an email or other submission we'll try to take care of it as soon as possible, but please bear with us. Things should be back to normal in a month or two.

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