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Commentary Regarding Mixx Coverage

Viewpoint...The Various Feelings I got from Putting This Story Together


The Mixx Entertainment story will be one I never forget.

I had originally intended this article to be the big one that was to be my "launch" story. If you had seen it, you would immediately recognize it as one-sided, unprofessional, and sensationalistic. I was very displeased with it, and vowed to get the whole story.

And so I contacted Mr. Levy. He had seen the original article, and of course agreed that it was one sided. He agreed to do a telephone interview.

The interview lasted about an hour and ten minutes, and in that time, I got as much information as I possibly could regarding the subject. (Only once was I interrupted by an unruly phone line...) After the conversation was over, I was extremely impressed with Mr. Levy. He seemed totally aimiable and honest.

Then I thought a minute about what had just transpired, and what had been said. Something seemed awry. You can read the interview transcript, but what you don't hear is Mr. Levy's pleading for a reason why someone would call him satan.

Admittedly, I conduct my interviews more like conversations than most, so it is understandable why he would as such a thing in a situation that would normally never call for it. I answered the best I could, relating it to the general unrest regarding the situation.

There is a great deal to this story that I couldn't print, and I hope that the unsubstantiated facts will eventually be revealed to the general public. In the mean time, since this article was printed, both the first issue of Smile and the latest issue of Mixxzine have arrived at newsstands, and response to both has been generally horrible. Readers have been complaining, and it is very hard to find any internet posting in support of Mixx that wasn't written by someone pre-pubescent.

The next few months will be very interesting in what happens to this troubled company.

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