Top Interest Articles of 2013

by Christopher Macdonald,

We've already covered the top 25 news articles of the year. What about the silly stuff? The stuff people still point out "isn't news."

Here's a list of our most read interest articles of 2013. If you haven't read them yet, check them out, some of them are pretty entertaining.

  1. KyoAni Outlines 'Free!' Swim Team Anime's Story, Characters
  2. This Math Teacher Was Outsmarted By His Pokemaster Student
  3. Sword Art Online's English Dub Trailer Posted
  4. Pokémon X & Y's New Protagonists, New Pokémon Revealed
  5. Kana Asumi Voices New Magical Girl in 3rd Madoka Magica Film
  6. This Is Not the Live-Action Attack on Titan Poster
  7. Otaku from 100 Countries Voice Which Characters They Want to Date
  8. Warner Presents Pacific Rim's del Toro With Madoka Magica Films
  9. NISA Licenses DanganRonpa, Demon Gaze Games in West
  10. Magazine: Attack on Titan Has Video Game Planned

From the list above, you'd think no one title in particular dominated, but while preparing this list, we looked at the top 100 articles and Attack on Titan definitely dominated. Maybe that was because you like reading about Attack on Titan, or maybe it was because we like writing about it...

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