Idol Shoko Nakagawa Models Evangelion-Themed Wetsuit

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Functional suit based on plugsuit in Evangelion: 2.0 anime film

Singer, voice actress, and manga creator Shoko Nakagawa ("Shoko-tan") modeled an Evangelion-themed wetsuit on the television program Tobidase! Kagaku-kun. The functional wetsuit was designed to mimic the plugsuit worn by the character Mari Illustrious Makinami in the recent anime film Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance (Evangelion Shin Gekijōban: Ha). Nakagawa also wore Makinami's hairstyle, glasses, and headband. Nakagawa posted additional images on her blog during the trip for the program's filming.

Evangelion: 2.0 is part of the four-movie remake of the Gainax and Hideaki Anno television anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. It was released on June 27, 2009 and topped the Japanese box office for that weekend. It went on to win awards at the Lyon Asian Film Fest and Japan Academy Awards. Funimation, which released the tetralogy's first film (Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone/Evangelion Shin Gekijōban: Jo), announced its acquisition of the film's North American license at Otakon in July.

Source: Cinema Today via Speed Ne-ta-, Kotaku

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