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Black Lagoon's Revy

posted on 2011-02-23 23:54 EST by Gia Manry
Cosplayer portrays female bodyguard/mercenary

In the above photo, cosplayer Ashley Bojan portrays Revy "Two-Hands," a character from Rei Hiroe's manga Black Lagoon and its 2006 two-season television anime series. In the story, Revy is a member of the Lagoon Company, a smuggling and delivery group operating out of the fictional Thai city of Roanapur. Revy serves as the group's muscle, although her dark background results in her antagonistic attitude and bad temper.

A five-episode original video anime series titled Roberta's Blood Trail, based on the "El Baile de la Muerte" arc from Hiroe's manga, is currently in production in Japan. The fourth episode will ship on March 11.

Image © Nick Santrizos

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