Anonymous Ultra Seven Figure Donates 1 Million Yen

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Donation latest in movement that began on Christmas morning last year

The Hokkaido Shimbun reported on Tuesday that an anonymous donor by the name of Ultra Seven donated one million yen (about US$12,890) in cash to a children's orphanage in the city of Muroran in Hokkaido Prefecture last Thursday. The money was sent to the orphanage through postal mail. The letter that came with the donation wrote, "I'd like you to accept this meager gift and use it for the children." A staff member for the orphanage said, "It seems as though the children will receive some wonderful Christmas presents this year."

The Ultra Seven donor is the latest in an ongoing movement that began on Christmas morning last year when a person left 10 30,000-yen (about US$360) backpacks at a child guidance center in Gunma Prefecture under the name of Naoto Date — the alter ego of the manga/anime pro wrestler Tiger Mask.

Other characters who "contributed" to the cause include Momotarō, Ashita no Joe, Evangelion's Rei Ayanami and Ryōji Kaji, Haruhi Suzumiya, Crayon Shin-chan, Arsène Lupin, Kamen Rider, the real-life samurai warlord (and Sengoku Basara character) Date Masamune, Kyojin no Hoshi, Stitch, and Tetsujin 28-gō.

Donors under the names of the K-On anime character Yui, Doraemon, Mario and Yoshi of the Super Mario games, Anpanman, Ai no Senshi Rainbowman, Seigi wo Aisuru Mono Gekko Kamen, Hideto Matsumoto (X Japan's late guitarist hide), and Laputa - Castle in the Sky's Muska then helped push the number of donations to Japanese children's centers past 700 in January. A total of 620 backpacks and 24 milion yen (US$290,000) were contributed between Christmas and mid-January.

Ultra Seven was Tsuburaya Productions' third Ultra television series after Ultraman. It aired in Japan from 1967 to 1968.

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