Moe Mascot Featured on Udon Noodle Package

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Mizuki character promotes Kagawa Prefecture through locally made noodles

Kagawa Prefecture's Sanuki Project team has developed dried udon noodles that feature a moe character on the package. The box for Mizuki Kagawa no Honba Sanuki Udon (Mizuki Kagawa's Homemade Sanuki Udon) reads, "Fall in love with udon ♥." Sanuki udon is a specialty of Kagawa Prefecture.

Sanuki Project created the moe mascot as an earnest but sometimes scatterbrained high school girl who lives in Kagawa Prefecture's Zentsūji City. A friend of the Sanuki Project staff designed the character for the noodles meant to promote the region.

The packaged udon is made with Kagawa Prefecture's local methods, and the broth comes from an established specialized shop. Project Sanuki is producing only 1,000 packages of the moe udon noodles, and they are selling them at Kagawa Prefecture's Chara☆Fest anime event and online at

Source: ITMedia via My Game News Flash

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