Shining Blade PSP RPG's Promotional Video Streamed

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The website began streaming a 215-second promotional video for Sega's Shining Blade role-playing game. Sega will release the latest entry in its Shining fantasy role-playing game franchise for the PSP handheld system on March 15. The illustrator Tony is once again designing the characters, just as he did for 2010's Shining Hearts game and several previous games.

The video introduces the main cast and characters of the game: Souichiro Hoshi as the male lead Reiji, Ryoko Shiraishi as the spirit of Reiji's sword Yukihime, Nana Mizuki as the female lead Sakuya, Tetsu Inada as Fenrir, Akira Ishida as Isari, Unshou Ishizuka as the dragon guardian knight Gōryūki, and Isao Teramoto as Gademu.

In addition, lorelei or "songstresses" can sing magical folk songs in battle to aid their companions and fight enemies. The singers include Saori Hayami as the troubadour Erumina, Marina Inoue as the forest diva Arutina, Yukari Tamura as the siren Misty with dragon blood lineage, and Houko Kuwashima as the battlefield lorelei Rose-rinde.

Sega streamed the game's opening animation by Point Pictures last November. Lia performed the theme song "Lorelei no Shi" (Lorelei's Poem) written by Elements Garden's Noriyasu Agematsu (H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, White Album).

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