Anime Tenchō Makes Cameo in Touch My Katamari Game

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Animate mascot character appears in "Maid Paradise" downloadable content

Namco Bandai Games announced on Thursday that it will release the latest downloadable content for the Tough My Katamari (Katamari No Vita) game on February 23, which will include an appearance by the Animate mascot character Anime Tenchō.

The new "Maid Paradise" level will allow players to roll up maids as well as the fictitious Animate Ikebukuro store manager Meito Anizawa, also known as Anime Tenchō, who appears in the level in front of an Animate store. The Anime Tenchō character has in the past appeared in the Lucky Star anime as well as the Disgaea 4 game, and starred in his own OVA in 2010 to commemorate 10th anniversary of the creation of the character.

Touch My Katamari shipped as a PS Vita launch title in Japan on December 17, and Namco Bandai Games will release it in Europe and North America on February 22. The official website for the game revealed in November that the game features a stage where players can roll up objects like bishojo figurines and cup-noodle containers in an otaku's room.

Source: 4Gamer via Siliconera

Images © Namco Bandai Games Inc.
Anime Tenchō © Kazuhiko Shimamoto, MOVIC

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