Touch My Katamari Game's Prologue Video Streamed

posted on by Kimberly Grace
Latest game in Katamari franchise ships in Europe, N. America on February 22

Sony began streaming a 3-minute prologue video on Thursday for its upcoming release of the Touch My Katamari video game. The European branch of Namco Bandai Games previously streamed an English trailer for the game last month.

Players can roll the Katamari ball in any direction using the PlayStation Vita's multi-touch screen in Touch My Katamari. The portable platform's rear touch pad also allows players to stretch or squeeze the Katamari to gather more objects or fit through a narrow space. Players can also collect and change costumes for the King of All Cosmos, download more stages, and listen to songs by popular artists. The official website for the game revealed in November that the game will feature a stage where players can roll up objects like bishojo figurines and cup-noodle containers in an otaku's room.

Touch My Katamari shipped as a PS Vita launch title in Japan on December 17, and Namco Bandai Games will release it in Europe and North America on February 22.

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