NHK Nagano Newscaster Cosplays Tiger & Bunny on TV

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Self-proclaimed fan of anime, manga dresses as Barnaby Brooks Jr. on morning telecast

Newscaster Tadayuki Matsuoka for the NHK Nagano television station appeared on TV on Wednesday morning cosplaying as the Tiger & Bunny character Barnaby Brooks Jr. Matsuoka was wearing a replica of Barnaby's jacket that Cospa and Premium Bandai both offer to purchase. Matsuoka was also wearing a replica of Barnaby's white belt, which Premium Bandai also offers.

NHK's profile on Matsuoka notes that his hobbies include computers, manga, anime, robots, and figures, and other Akihabara-style interests. His profile also notes that he began enjoying the Nintama Rantaro television anime series after he covered a story on voice actress Mayumi Tanaka (Nintama Rantaro's Kirimaru, One Piece's Luffy) last year. Matsuoka has been working for NHK Nagano since 2009.

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