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CaramelBox & CLOCKUP's adult games inspired TV anime & anime video project

The international bishōjo game localizer MangaGamer announced at Katsucon this weekend that it acquired two new game titles: OtoBoku (Otome wa Boku ni Koi Shiteiru) from CaramelBox and Eroge! ~Sex and Games Makes Sexy Games!~ (Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai) from Clockup.

OtoBoku launched in 2005 as an adult personal computer game. In the story, a boy named Mizuho masquerades as a girl and transfers into the Seio Girls' Academy, as his late grandfather requested in his will. Not only does Mizuho becomes popular there, but he is elected "Elder Sister" for the entire student body.

The game inspired a 2006 television anime that Media Blasters released in North America under the name Otoboku - Maidens Are Falling for Me! The game also inspired non-adult PlayStation 2 and PSP ports and a sequel, Otome wa Boku ni Koi Shiteiru 2. An anime has been green-lit for the game sequel, and scenario writer Aya Takaya confirmed that the new anime is still in development last month.

Clockup released Eroge! ~Sex and Games Make Sexy Games!~ as an adult personal computer game in 2010. In the story, an erotic game (eroge) fan gets to join Flower, a studio that makes such games. Until he arrived though, Flower's entire staff happened to be cute girls with the barest knowledge or interest in sex. It is up to the protagonist to make Flower's next game a hit. The game inspired an adult original video anime project last year.

MangaGamer also announced at Katsucon that it will reissue the game Koihime Musou with voices and a hard-copy release. The localizer scheduled its release of Magical Teacher for April 13 and Overdrive's Deardrops for March 2.

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