Manga Quake Charity Auction Begins 2nd Round

posted on 2012-03-12 17:30 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
Yuki Suetsugu, Kotobuki Shiriagari, Minami Ozaki, more contribute signed art

On Sunday, the "Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan" nonprofit aid group began the second round of charity auctions of items signed by manga artists and Japanese illustrators. The group is hosting the "Manga & Illustration Charity Auction" as part of the Japanese Yahoo! Auctions website's "Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Auctions" initiative that launched last Monday.

The items are being sold on Yahoo! Auctions, and proceeds will go to the aid group's various Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (Higashi Nihon Daishinsai) disaster support projects. Foreign bidders can participate in the auctions by visiting the j-Grab global auction website, which is the auctions' co-sponsor.

The following items are currently being auctioned:

  • Sara: Signed original T-shirt and separate illustration (link)
  • Kotobuki Shiriagari: Oklahoma, Shōri wa Warera no Te ni, Contact Lens, Sanjō!! Mitottaman storyboards (link, 2, 3, 4)
  • Yōko Sanri: Signed board with illustration from Hito ni wa, Ienai. (link)
  • Tachibana Higuchi: Signed board with an illustration commissioned by the auction winner (link)
  • George Morikawa: Hajime no Ippo signed book with message and illustrations, bag, and inflatable punching doll (link)
  • Hiro Fujiwara: Signed board with an illustration commissioned by the auction winner (link)
  • Suzuran: Illustrated portrait of the auction winner that he/she can use a Twitter or Facebook icon (link)
  • Mariko Hirasawa: Signed illustration with decorated kokeshi doll (link)
  • Devil Robots: Signed board with "Tofu Oyako" illustration and strap (three listings: link, 2, 3)
  • Shizuki Fujisawa: Signed board with Kimi no Tonari de Seishun naka illustration that appeared on the front cover of the April 2009 issue of Shogakukan's Betsucomi magazine (link)
  • Sawako Yamana: Signed board with illustration and signed copy of Koi ni Naru volume 1 manga (link)
  • Daisy Yamada: Illustrated portrait of the auction winner that he/she can use a Twitter or Facebook icon (link)
  • Ume (Takahiro Ozawa, Asako Seo): Signed Giga Tokyo Toybox boards (two listings: link, 2)
  • Knoppix: Animal silhouette art image commissioned by the auction winner for use as a Twitter icon (link)
  • Ryōko Koga: Signed board with "Peace" illustration in acrylic paint (link)
  • Naoko Matsuda: Set of two signed Lettuce Burger Please. OK, OK! illustrations (link)
  • Tomoko Tsukui: Eraser set with art and words commissioned by the auction winner (link)
  • Koromo Ugetsu: Set of three signed boards with "Shirotsume" and "Yukinko" art (two listings: link, 2)
  • Minami Ozaki: Signed board with unpublished Bronze illustration (link)
  • Yuki Suetsugu: Illustration of Taichi and Arata from Chihayafuru with a separate sheet signed by Suetsugu, Mamoru Miyano (Taichi) and Yoshimasa Hosoya (Arata) (link)
  • Muro Zenovsky: Signed board with Rolly・Yobai illustration and signed copies of manga volumes 1 and 2 (link)
  • Kaya Tsukiyama: Signed copy of the Life☆Life manga book (link)
  • Board with signatures and illustrations from Chika Umino, Mari Okazaki, Keiko Okamoto, Rinko Ueda, Mayu Shinjo, Yuki Suetsugu, Satoru Hiura, Tachibana Higuchi, and Naoko Matsuda (link)

The second set of auctions will end on March 18, and a third round will run from March 26 to April 1.

[Via Comic Natalie]

Update: Mamoru Miyano's name corrected. Thanks, GokuMew2.

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