Kannagi Manga's Takenashi Reveals Ailment Behind Her Hiatus

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1st Kannagi volume in 3.5 years ships with notice about subarachnoid hemorrhage

Eri Takenashi's seventh Kannagi manga volume — the first new volume in about three and a half years — shipped on Friday, and in the book, Takenashi revealed the ailment that led to her extended hiatus. She said that her debilitating illlness was subarachnoid hemorrhage, or bleeding in the area between the brain and the thin tissues that cover the brain.

Takenashi was admitted into a hospital in early November of 2008, and she underwent a successful surgery the following month. She has been recovering ever since, and she can now report that there are no major aftereffects. However, she is easily fatigued, so she is putting her health before work.

The manga returned to Ichijinsha's Monthly Comic Rex magazine last July, although she slowed down her drawing output; the manga ran on an irregular schedule from month to month, depending on her health. The third volume of Kanpachi, the Kannagi spinoff manga by Takenashi's brother Shinichi Yuhki, also went on sale on Friday.

Kannagi's story centers around Nagi-sama, a goddess who comes to life before an art student when he carves a statue from a Kannagi tree. Takenashi had been serializing the manga in Comic Rex since the magazine debuted in December of 2005. At least 2 million copies of the first six volumes are in print.

Bandai Entertainment released both the 2008 Kannagi anime and the original manga in North America.

Source: Comic Natalie

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