Director Mamoru Oshii Writes Zombie Diary Novel

posted on 2012-05-31 09:22 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
Story follows lone zombie hunter who searches for human survivors in Tokyo

Zombie Nikki (Zombie Diary), the latest novel from director Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell, The Sky Crawlers, Avalon), shipped in Japan on Thursday. The publisher Kadokawa Haruki released the 208-page book for 1,470 yen (about US$19).

The story begins several years after a certain fateful day as a lone man wanders Tokyo to search for living humans. Only zombies inhabit the world the man travels through now. The creatures are only interested in attacking people and eating. The man continues to survive on food abandoned in the vacant city. He finds a gun and journeys to discover what happened that fateful day and why the zombies appeared.

An English description of someone loading an M24 rifle and preparing to fire appears on the "hardboiled action-adventure" novel's cover.

Before Zombie Diary, Oshii's most recent novel was the Patlabor book Bankuruwase: Keishi-chō Keibi-bu Tokushu Sharyō Ni-ka (Shocking Upset: Metropolitan Police Special Vehicles Section 2), which Kadokawa Haruki released in January 2011. Oshii filmed a live-action trailer for the Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor (Jū-Tekki) mecha simulation action game earlier this year.

[Via Brian Ruh, Norainu no Negura]

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