Death Note's Matsuyama Makes Cameo in Gomera Ad

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Live-action film actor, Jumbo Monster Gomera project promote sports drink

Japanese actor Kenichi Matsuyama (live-action Death Note, Gantz films) makes a cameo in a Gomera television commercial for Weider's All Charge sports drink which began airing on Monday. In the latest 30-second video created by the studio IDA Entertainment, Jumbo Monster Gomera vows to his director to take on his latest foes — but he could use a little boost once he sees who he is up against.

Matsuyama's live-action film roles include L in the Death Note, Masaru Katō in Gantz, Soichi Negishi in Detroit Metal City, Daikichi Kawachi in Usagi Drop, and Shinichi "Shin" Okazaki in NANA.

IDA Entertainment, the creative team behind the Cat Shit One video anime, began streaming the first five-minute Jumbo Monster Gomera short last week. The story centers on Gomera, a monster who aspires to become fierce like his fellow giant creatures Godzilla and Gamera. Gomera has trouble achieving that goal because of his friendly and nervous nature.

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