New CD Features Japanese Voice Actors Covering Disney Standards

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Disney Love Stories CD stars Kouichi Yamadera, Hiroshi Kamiya, others

Disney has announced that they will be releasing a second CD in their Koe no Ōji-sama (The Princes of Voice) line of recordings. In Disney Love Stories: Koe no Ōji-sama, nine male voice actors sing covers of songs and recite lines from Disney animated films. The first CD in the line, Disney Date, was released earlier this year.

The CD is being released in a regular edition for 2,940 yen (about US$37) and a deluxe 2-disc edition for 3,780 yen (about US$48). The regular edition will come with a bonus track featuring all the performers on the CD singing "It's a Small World," while the deluxe edition will come with a second CD featuring duets by the performers, as well as duets where one singer's part is left unvoiced so that listeners can sing along. The CD also comes with a booklet created in collaboration with the Disney Store featuring the voice actors in various situations and poses.

The CD's official website is streaming a 3-minute preview of the release. Its ten main tracks are:

1 Recitation Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Akira Ishida
2 "Heigh-Ho" Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Hiroshi Kamiya
3 "Kiss the Girl" The Little Mermaid Hiro Shimono
4 "You'll be in My Heart" Tarzan Tomokazu Seki
5 "La La Lu" Lady and the Tramp Takahiro Sakurai
6 "Love is a Song" Bambi Hikaru Midorikawa
7 "Bella Notte" Lady and the Tramp Ryotaro Okiayu
8 "Good Company" Oliver & Company Nobuhiko Okamoto
9 "Great Spirits" Brother Bear Kouichi Yamadera
10 Recitation Tangled Kouichi Yamadera

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Update: Link to first CD in series added.

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