Hayate Voice Actress Ryoko Shiraishi Gets Married

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Saki/Towanoquon cast member marries someone unrelated to voice-acting on eve of 30th birthday

Voice actress Ryoko Shiraishi (Hayate the Combat Butler's title character, Saki's Mako Someya, Towanoquon's Yuriko Akatsuki) announced on Friday that she got married the day before. Her husband is not someone related to the voice-acting industry, but an ordinary company employee. Friday happens to be Shiraishi's 30th birthday, and she said that she wanted to get married before she turned 30.

[Via Ken Akamatsu]

Update: More background information added.

Update: Zettai Karen Children manga/anime creator Takashi Shiina posted a manga in which the character Aoi (voided by Shiraishi) congratulates the bride. However, Aoi starts to break down when she wonders whether she will always be with the newly wed Shiraishi. Thanks, Saffire.


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