English Evangelion Hakone Tourist iPhone App Released

posted on by Ko Ransom
"Hakone Instrumentality Map" guides visitors around site of title's Tokyo-3

JTB Communciations released an English Neon Genesis Evangelion branded "Hakone Instrumentality Map" application for the iPhone on Monday for English-speaking visitors to the town in Kanagawa, Japan where Evangelion's Tokyo-3 is located in its story. The application will introduce visitors to the town through photographs and other means, feature GPS integration, and links certain spots in the town to scenes from the anime. Original drawings of Evangelion's Rei and Asuka are also featured in the app.

The application is slated to be available until March 31 of next year, and costs 450 yen (about US$5.70). There are no plans at this time for an Android version of the application.

Source: Oricon Life

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