Square Enix Holds The World Ends With You Vocal Audition

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Successful applicants to debut in new Square Enix game

Square Enix has announced that it will hold a "The World Ends With You Vocalist Audition" this year culminating in an open audition to determine a vocal performer for an upcoming Square Enix game.

Entrants to the audition must send in their initial application by September 24. For the first stage of the audition, applicants must record their covers of a song from the The World Ends With You Nintendo DS game among a selected group of five. All applications will be reviewed by The World Ends With You producer Takeharu Ishimoto, and applicants who make it to the second stage must then send in a performance video. Users will be able to comment on these videos, and comments will be considered to determine who passes to the third stage of the audition. The third stage is scheduled to take place as an open audition in Tokyo on November 26, and applicants who pass the third and final audition will debut in a Square Enix game with music composed by Ishimoto.

An iOS port of The World Ends With You was released last month. The port's ending hints at further developments for the title.

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