Evangelion Bling Buttons Revealed for iPhones

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Stickers for iPhone's home button available in cubic zirconia or gold-finish, have numbers of Evangelion pilots on them.

Japanese phone strap online retailer Strap-ya has begun selling different Neon Genesis Evangelion-themed sticker buttons for the iPhone's home button. Each button made out of cubic zirconia features character numbers and logos. Designs available include Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Mari, Seele, and NERV. Gold-finish buttons with the same designs are also available. Both types of button cost 945 yen (about US$11) for one button.

Evangelion has done many collaborations with other companies, including tie-ins with glasses, water coolers, and eyedrops.

Source: ITmedia Gadget via Rocket News 24

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