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Majestic Prince Anime Reveals Space Robot Mecha Designs

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Hiroshi Tani designs mecha for 5 'Team Rabbits' members for upcoming sci-fi anime

The official website for the Ginga Kikōtai Majestic Prince anime revealed on Tuesday the designs for the robot mecha that the five-member "Team Rabbits" group will pilot in the series.

AHSMB-005 Red Five - Forward Leader Type (piloted by the leader Izuru Hitachi)

AHSMB-001 Blue One - Forward Type (piloted by the arrogant pilot Toshikazu Asagi)

AHSMB-002 Purple Two - Control Type (piloted the self-assured but naive control officer Kei Kugimiya)

AHSMB-003 Rose Three - Booster Type (piloted by the airhead girl Tamaki Irie)

AHSMB-004 Gold Four - Gunner Type (piloted the chatty military otaku and gunner Ataru Suruga)

The official website has posted three images of each mecha. Hiroshi Tani, the mecha designer for Team Rabbits, has also posted a comment on the website. The website has already posted the character designs for the five "Team Rabbits" members.

The story follows humanity after it expanded its frontier into space in a quest for resources. Advances in genetic engineering research allow humans to adapt to the new frontier, leading to the advent of evolved children such as protagonist Izuru Hitachi. He enrolls in an academy city called Gurantseere to fulfill his mission of "protecting humanity" with robotic mecha against an unknown race.

Rando Ayamine and Hikaru Niijima's Majestic Prince manga began its serialization in Monthly Hero's inaugural issue last year, and Shogakukan Creative published the second volume of the manga in December. The staff for the Majestic Prince anime includes director Keitaro Motonaga (Katanagatari, Jormungand), character designer Hisashi Hirai (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed), and script writer Reiko Yoshida (K-ON!). Studios Dogakobo and Orange are animating the series.

The anime will premiere in Japan in April.

[Via Yaraon!]

Images © Sotsu, Fields, MJP Production Committee

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