Sakura Miku Bean Jam Buns Celebrate the Coming of Spring

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"Senbonzakura" varsity jackets, 200-yen "Po Pi Po" juice, more in spring campaign

The FamilyMart chain of convenience stores will begin selling Sakura Miku Man (Koshian) — sweet bean jam buns inspired by the springtime variant of virtual idol Hatsune Miku — about when the cherry blossoms bloom on March 19. This is FamilyMart's second steamed bun inspired by Hatsune Miku, after last summer's Hachune Miku Man.

The new buns will cost 160 yen (about US$1.70) in about 9,300 FamilyMart locations nationwide. It is just part of a larger "Hatsune Miku de Sakura no Ua no Campaign" of 16 different Hatsune Miku items, including Ume (dried plum) & Jako (dried sardine) Rice bentō (boxed meal), bread, and desserts, that will start rolling out on March 5. Most of them will have seasonal themes such as Sakura Miku and the popular songs "Senbonzakura" (One Thousand Cherry Blossoms) and "Sakura no Ame" ("Rain of Cherry Blossom").

The "Po Pi Po" (Poppippō) vegetable juice is back with six designs. FamilyMart has priced the drink at 200 yen (US$2.15) — to match the lyrics in the original "Po Pi Po" song.

People who buy 500 yen or more of these items will have a chance to win prizes such as 39 satin varsity-style "Hatsune Senbonzakura" jackets, 39 premium Sakura Miku Nendoroid sets, 100 "Hatsune Senbonzakura" premium sets, and 10 Kaito V3 software sets.

In addition, people who buy two of the sweets will receive a Hatsune Miku Crystal Card, starting on March 15 and while supplies last.

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