DRAMAtical Murder re:connect Game's Opening Streamed

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Nitro+CHiRAL to release adult boys-love fan disc for PC on April 26

Nitroplus began streaming the opening video for the DRAMAtical Murder re:connect game on Friday. Nitro+CHiRAL will release the boys-love game for Windows personal computers on April 26.

The fan disc will feature a main "adventure part" with a story that continues after the ending of the original DRAMAtical Murder adult game. The game will also include a character matching mini-game and special bonus videos.

The adventure game's retail price is 6,825 yen (about US$70). People who pre-order the game at specific shops in Japan will receive bonus items such as clear files, tapestries, and drama CDs with Honyarara's illustrations.

Nitro+CHiRAL released the original DRAMAtical Murder adult boys-love game for Windows PC in March 2012. The story centers on a young man named Aoba who lives with his grandmother on the island Midorijima. He works at a junk shop in the island's Former Residents District after Toue builds the Platinum Jail resort on part of Midorijima and forces residents to move. Aoba is content with his simple life but gets pulled into mysterious events unfolding on the island.

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