Girls und Panzer's 'Ankō War' Video Anime Digest Streamed

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Anime short to be included in 4th Blu-ray/DVD on April 24

The official website for the Girls und Panzer television anime began streaming a digest video of "Ankō War," the 14-minute original video anime included in the fourth Blu-ray Disc/DVD volume.

Bandai Visual will ship the first limited edition of the fourth volume on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on April 24. The limited edition Blu-ray Disc will have the "Ankō War" video, two 24-minute episodes, a "senshadō" lecture by Yukari Akiyama, and audio commentaries by cast members. The release also feature a three-episode (8-minute) sound drama, the third three-minute promotional video, clean endings for episodes 7 and 8, military commentaries by the staff, a 24-page illustration collection, nine character playing cards, and an exclusive 48-page booklet.

Video via: Nicotube Anime

Typo fixed. Thanks, Animegomaniac.

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