Drive Away in a Char Aznable Toyota Auris

posted on by Bamboo Dong
Toyota is offering a customizable Toyota Auris inspired by Gundam's Char.

Beginning October 1, Toyota Marketing Japan will be selling a customizable Char Aznable-inspired Toyota Auris.

Called "Char's Customize Auris," it was first announced in August 2012 as a concept car, but was put into production as a consumer model due to public reponse.

As part of the promotion of this car, Toyota launched a virtual company this January called Zeonic Toyota, based on the mobile suit maker Zeon from the Gundam franchise. Zeonic Toyota attracted over 26,000 "employees" through the website, where users were able to share ideas and feebdack about the upcoming vehicle.

The car has 19 unique parts that can be customized according the buyer's wants, including interior and exterior customizations, Char-themed key cases and license plate holders, and a customized GPS system featuring directions narrated by Char himself. The GPS system is already sold-out from pre-orders.

The vehicle retails between 2,732,175 and 3,306,825 yen ($27,608 - $33,415).

[Via Yattar Japan]

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