Anime Limited Conducts Survey

posted on by Andrew Osmond
Survey asks readers about viability of sub-only editions of some new film properties.

Anime Limited has posted the following message on its facebook page.

Speed and cost wise we think we could have a Collectors Edition (think Cowboy Bebop / Perfect Blue packaging) out as little as 3 months after Japan for some film properties next year.

The catch being they'd be sub-only initially as we can't dub EVERY film on our slate before the US (alas) so we want your opinions on some ideas we had!

Anime Limited has put up a four-question survey form here. The four questions are:

1. Would you be willing to buy a subtitled-only film in a DVD/BD combi-pack in the same quality packaging as Cowboy Bebop / Perfect Blue?

2. If no, would you change your mind if free access to the dubbed version (digitally or on disc) was guaranteed to customers purchasing the Collectors Edition?

3. What price range would you be willing to pay ON AMAZON for it? (see form for range)

4. How important are the following extras for you in a subtitled-only collectors edition?

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