Attack on Titan's Levi Gets Two New Figures, Each Bigger Than the Last

posted on by Bamboo Dong
Levi gets 1' figure from Medicom, and 2' BJD from DOLK.

Attack on Titan's Levi had a good birthday this year, even though it was on the same day as Christmas. He's getting not only a one-foot figure of himself, but also a two-foot figure.

Medicom revealed a sneak peek at a prototype of their latest addition to their RAH Real Action Heroes lineup. They haven't announced a price point or release date for the Levi figure yet, but if it's any indication, their Mikasa Ackerman RAH sells for ¥23,600 ($225). The figure will likely run around 12" in height.

In the meantime, DOLK opened preorders for their Attack on Titan x IOS x DOLK Levi ball-jointed doll, and although it carried a price point of ¥123,900 ($1183), they are already sold out.

The highly poseable doll comes in at 60 cm (2') in height and is cast in resin.

[Via Medicom Official Blog and Yaraon]

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