Kuroko's Basketball Fan Anthology to Cover Stories From First Meeting to Marriage

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Original parody stories chronicle the love lives of the boys from Kuroko's Basketball and let you be a part of it.

Publishing House Fusion Products has announced the latest in their lineup of Kuroko's Basketball Boyfriend fan parody books. The latest addition to the series, which will be titled Kurobasu+Kareshi ~Wedding~ will cover the originally story of a romance with one of the characters from Kuroko's Basketball, all the way from first encounter, to marriage, and everything in between.

To decide what characters would be included in the anthology, Fusion Products put out a survey asking readers which of the boys from Kuroko's Basketball would make the best boyfriend. The results were as follows:

1st Place: Kazunari Takao
2nd Place: Kiyoshi Miyaji
3rd Place: Taiga Kagami
4th Place: Makoto Hanamiya
5th Place: Seijūrō Akashi
6th Place: Ryōta Kise
7th Place: Tetsuya Kuroko
8th Place: Shintarō Midorima
9th Place: Tatsuya Himuro

Each book in the Kurobasu+Kareshi series lets the reader choose whose story they would like to read and be a part of at the beginning and has a special personal message scratch card section at the end. Other books in the series include Kurobasu+Kareshi ~Winter Days~, ~Kiss~, and ~School Days~, among others.

Kurobasu+Kareshi ~Wedding~ will be available on April 24.

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