World's Longest Wooden Walking Bridge Used As Reference For Golden Time

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Spanning 897 meters, or over half a mile, Horai Bridge in Shimada, Shizuoka Prefecture, holds the Guinness World Record as the longest wooden walking bridge. Built in 1879, it was originally constructed as a toll bridge to connect Shimada and Makinohara, which lie on opposite banks of the Oigawa River.

It's been a popular sight-seeing destination for decades, but recently, anime fans have even more reason to visit the bridge. It's featured prominently in the series, Golden Time, where it serves not only as a major plot point, but also as one of the real-life references used for the anime.

Of course, those who have read the light novels already know the importance of Horai Bridge to the story, but for fans who are just eager to visit a growing number of anime "holy sites," here's another pilgrimage destination to add to the list.

For a those who can't quite make the trip, here's a good English-language blog with additional pictures of the bridge.

[Source: Chunichi Shimbum]

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