Collaborative Watch Turns the Eva-01 Into a Timepiece

posted on 2014-05-10 14:00 EDT by Chris Nishijima
GaGa MILANO teams up with Evangelion to release a new mechanized-humanoid inspired wristwatch.

In case you're looking to add a little post-apocalyptic humanoid weapon flair to your wrists, GaGa Milano's latest collaboration is just the thing for you. Modeled after the Eva-01, GaGa Milano is pleased to present a high quality Evangelion wristwatches.

The watch takes the iconic exterior purple and green color scheme of the Eva-01 and adapts it into a watch that seems to truly capture the psychological terror that characterizes Evangelion. The backside shows off the gears and inner workings of the mechanical titan-based watch.

The watch measures in at 48 mm, uses pressurized waterproof glass for its face, and has straps made from genuine cow hide leather. The case for the watch, which bears NERV's logo, as well as the names of GaGa Milano and Evangelion, is just as classy as the watch itself.

Now as absurdly cool as this watch may be, this investment is one that you're going to have to think really hard about, considering it'll run up a hefty bill of 248,400 yen (approximately 2440.28 USD). Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of time to save up for this purchase either, as GaGa Milano will only be making 300 units.

In addition to this, the Eva-01 has been showing up in a lot of crossover collaborations lately. Some of the most interesting items to take on the Eva-01's facade include Hello Kitty and Transformers.

[Via: Minna no Evangelion.]

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