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KISS Singer Gene Simmons Reacts to Love Live's KISS Parody

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Episode 6 of the Love Live! School idol project anime pulled off a parody of hard rock this weekend — catching the attention of a lead singer of a certain band:

Some of his followers correctly ID'ed the anime as Love Live! but others weren't so helpful: "powerpuff girls?" "Boku no Pico"

As Love Live! director Takahiko Kyōgoku noted, even the official website of Gene Simmons featured Love Live! on its front page, thanks to its Twitter feed. Kyōgoku mused, "It's an strange feeling."

This isn't Simmons' first run-in with anime and manga. He personally filmed a cameo in the live-aciton Detroit Metal City film as — appropriately enough — the "Demon God of Rock and Roll":

He then graced the cover of Shogakukan's Big Comic magazine last year. (The cover's tagline reads, ""Hell's Long-Awaited Return to Japan.")

Then there's the Kiss x Hello Kitty crossover plush dolls and toilet paper with an animated series in the works:

The less that's said about Simmons' son Nick, the better.

[Via 0takomu]

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