Terror In Resonance Terrorist Group Hijacks Multiple Websites

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Takeover foreshadowed by menacing tweets

It appears that Sphinx, the mysterious terrorist group of this summer's anime series Zankyō no Terror, has hijacked that anime's official website as well as other related pages.

Ominous signs of the seizure first appeared on July 24, when Zankyō no Terror's official Twitter feed posted this:

"(On 1:29 AM, August 1st, the hell of lines of text will be enveloped in darkness, and a great spark will arise. Solve the Riddle of the Sphinx there, and......)"

Later, on July 30, the Twitter feeds of Zankyō no Terror, Noitamina (the animation block Zankyō no Terror is part of), and even Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (an anime set to premiere on Noitamina in October) carried identical creepy messages:

The following day, Zankyō no Terror posted an apology on its Twitter account, claiming that the account had been momentarily hijacked and that they were "looking into the possibility that it was a crime carried out by Sphinx."

Come the appointed day, Zankyō no Terror's website was indeed seized by a mysterious wall of red text that appears to read "Sphinx" repeatedly. After an image of a cartoony explosion, a video of Sphinx agents simply identified as Sphinx #1 and Sphinx #2 plays. They are... posing a riddle.

What is the 20th digit in this sequence?

This plays off of "A Challenge From Sphinx," quizzes played after episodes of Zankyō no Terror and devised in cooperation with Japan's MENSA chapter. (MENSA is an organization for people with unusually high IQs.) The Sphinx agents, meanwhile, unmask themselves, revealing their true identities — Kaito Ishikawa and Sōma Saitō, the voice actors behind Arata and Toji, respectively. They spend most of the video struggling to solve the riddle, and eventually display the correct answer -- but it's censored, leaving it up to the viewer to tangle with.

In addition to the anime's site, Sphinx also hijacked Noitamina's site, Aimer's site, Galileo Galilei's site, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso's site, Aniplex's site, and Aniplex+'s site. (Galileo Galilei and Aimer sing the opening and ending themes.)

Shigatsu's site

Those who solve the Riddle of the Sphinx get an unspecified prize. Think you know the answer? Let us know in the forums! And to watch the bizarre video unfold for yourself, go here.

[Via Kai-You]

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