Yokohama's Pikachu Invasion Is Even Bigger Than We Thought

posted on by Bamboo Dong

When we first heard about Yokohama's upcoming Pikachu invasion, we thought we were ready. After all, we already saw the unforgettable sight of Pikachus spilling out of elevators and teetering up escalators.

Apparently what we didn't realize was just how many Pikachus were necessary to pull off such a large-scale event. The answer? 1,000.

Delightfully, they've already started arriving in droves, in what is probably the world's cutest rodent infestation ever.

Yokohama's Akarenga Red Brick Warehouse entertainment complex has also been Tweeting pictures of the other Pikachu sights around town:

The "Pikachu Tairyo Hassei Chu," or "Pikachus All Over the Place," event will take place in Yokohama between August 9-17.

Source: RocketNews24 via Hamster Sokuho

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