New Shoes Channel Fashion Sense of Detective Conan, Magic Kaito

posted on by Eric Stimson
Look smart with Conan-styled pumps and Kaitou Kid-styled booties

Super Groupies, a Japanese fashion site that caters to anime and video game fans, is offering new shoes that channel the fashion sensibilities of Gosho Aoyama's two manga series, Case Closed and Magic Kaito.

These pumps evoke Detective Conan's blue suit and bowtie combo.

Their three-inch heels make for comfortable walking while maintaining a feminine silhouette.

The shoe's tip uses royal blue suede, while the area near the heel is enamel with gray lamé.

Super Groupies claims that the pumps are suitable for casual wear or for the office if you remove the bow ties. The model comments that "the opening and silhouette leave a sharp, adult impression."

These booties are based on Kaitou Kid, the star of Aoyama's early manga series Magic Kaito who sometimes appears in Case Closed as well. Their white metallic material and deep blue belts call to mind Kaitou Kid's stylish silk hat.

Super Groupies claims that combining the shoes with pants for a casual look and combining them with a skirt for a more conservative style both work. The model notes that the glossy material is soft and the over three-inch heels are light and stable, making the booties very wearable and easy to walk in.

The Conan pumps cost 16,800 yen (or $164); the Kaitou Kid booties are 19,800 yen (or $194). Their sizes range from 22 centimeters (8.7 inches) to 25 centimeters (9.8 inches). They can be bought until August 31 at the Super Groupies site.

[Via Nijimen and Super Groupies]

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