New Bakumatsu Rock Character Revealed During Akihabara Cafe Event

posted on by Chris Nishijima
Exclusive Bakumatsu Rock goods to be presented to customers of Autumn Leaf.

When fighting for justice and freedom in an alternate universe in which the government uses music to brainwash its citizens, your average rockstar superhero may get a little hungry. It is for the purpose of satisfying both your soul and your stomach that the Akihabara based cafe Autumn Leaf is teaming up with Bakumatsu Rock for the sake of turning their shop into the center of all that is good in the rock world.

The menu for this collaborative event is quite the colorful one, consisting of five different drinks, each based off of a character from the series, being sold for 690 yen a piece (about US $6.75). In addition to this, Autumn Leaf will be serving up two different delicious dessert plates: the "White" parfait, and the "God Breath" french toast plate, both of which are priced at 1,169 yen (about US $11.43)

Patrons of the cafe will also be receiving one of two types of collaborative goods with each purchase. Customers that buy one of the five character drinks will be presented with one of five limited edition character pins. Those who decide to purchase one of the food items will be given an exclusive Bakumatsu Rock clear file.

The announcement of this collaboration also coincided with the unveiling of a brand new character addition to the Bakumatsu Rock franchise. Known simply as "Makoto Kamen," this masked figure is the emissary of rock, fighting for and supporting all of those who have lost their way and lost sight of their true self. Nobody knows the true identity of this vigilante, but one thing is certain, he will be playing a big part in the next Bakumatsu Rock game, Bakumatsu Rock: Ultra Soul.

The cafe collaboration will be going from August 15 to August 31, during which time it will be operating between the hours of 11:00AM and 10:00PM. Bakumatsu Rock: Ultra Soul will be hitting shelves in Japan starting September 25.

[Via Otakomu]

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