Character Breads Puts the "Pan" In Lupin III

posted on by Chris Nishijima
Grab a piece of this new collaboration while you're on the run

They say that man cannot live on bread alone. Still, that doesn't mean that man does not need bread at all, and considering the amount of running that Arsene Lupin III and his dream team of thievery put in on any given day, proper nutrition is a pretty important factor. To make sure that each member of Lupin's band of crooks gets something that suits their needs, and in commemoration of the upcoming live-action Lupin III movie, convenience stores KIOSK and NEWDAYS, in conjunction with are releasing a line of bread products based after the main cast of Lupin III starting August 19.

Harkening back to his French roots, Lupin's item is a succulent French Toast made on egg bread for 134 yen. Adding a little bit of color and fruity flavor to the mix, Fujiko Mine drops in with her Berry Berry bread, also for 134 yen while Daisuke Jigen's bread is a light and airy sweet Steamed French Bread Cake for 123 yen. Of course, if you're looking for something heartier, Goemon Ishikawa's Long Katsu Sausage Sandwich for 139 yen or Inspector Koichi Zenigata's Chicken Nanban Dog for 149 yen might fill you up a little bit more.

The poster for this campaign also features the illustrations of Lupin III's creator Monkey Punch, who drew the cast of the upcoming movie as their respective characters. The new Lupin III live action movie comes out on August 30. For more information on its upcoming release, check out ANN's previous coverage of it.

[Via Comic Natalie]

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