Augment Your Gundam Collection with M'Quve's Vase

posted on by Eric Stimson
Ornate pot crafted in Song style

Are your shelves full of Gundams? Want a new way to indulge your appreciation for the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime series? If so, Bandai has an offer for you: M'Quve's vase.

The vase may serve mainly as a device to flesh out M'Quve's aristocratic personality, but it also features in a significant scene in the series and is well-remembered by Gundam fans. Accordingly, Bandai contracted Noritake, an esteemed Japanese porcelain manufacturer with a pedigree dating to 1904, to recreate the vase. It required some imagination on Noritake's part, as the pot is depicted rather vaguely in the anime.

Noritake took its inspiration from the ceramics of China's Early Song Dynasty, since this is the style the vase is identified with. A spout on the vase's top is crafted into a dragon's head, and intricate detail is added onto the vase body. Its lid is removable, so the vase can actually be used to hold water.

Interested fans can buy it at the Premium Bandai website. As M'Quve said, "It's very valuable" — 41,040 yen, or $394 — and will be made to order.

To further indulge your villainous aristocratic tastes, Bandai is offering Zeon-branded teacups with Gihren's and Garma's signatures in them. They sell for 7,776 yen ($74.71). Both the vase and the teacups will be available in December.

[Via Game Watch; Image from Ossan-no "Kuchi-ha Peten-shi Kokoro-ha Sagi-shi" Yahoo-ban]

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