Relive Tokyo Ghoul's Gruesome Moments With Delicious Cafe Treats

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Patisserie Swallowtail to begin serving treats based on ghouls, but made for humans.

Being a ghoul can be difficult sometimes. Despite the fact that you have no choice but to eat human beings, nobody seems to understand your nutritional needs. On top of that, aside from the safe haven of Anteiku, there are very few places where a ghoul can rest his or her weary head. Well, while the menu itself may not be targeted at ghouls, it seems that Patisserie Swallowtail can be added to the list of places that ghouls call a sanctuary thanks to their latest collaboration with Tokyo Ghoul.

First, since every ghoul needs to protect his or her identity somehow, Patisserie Swallowtail has made a cake based off of Kaneki's iconic mask from the series. The base of the cake is a delectable chocolate mousse with candied cherries inside of it. The top is coated with a chocolate sauce over not only the cake itself, but a single raspberry, which is placed to represent Kaneki's one kakugan ghoul eye. A pieces of colored chocolate put the finishing touches on it, adding the teeth of Kaneki's mask to the mix, as well as his blood red kagune. This cake is priced at 680 yen (about US $6.25).

Next, in case you need something to go with your coffee, or are a ghoul looking to keep up appearances, Patisserie Swallowtail is baking two types of cookies perfect for accompanying your snack. The first of these cookies are a set of firm sugar cookies with character prints on them. A single pack has two cookies, one with Kaneki and Touka, the other with Rize and Tsukiyama.

If you prefer something with a bit of a darker side to it, don't worry. Patisserie Swallowtail also has kakugan ghoul eye cookies for sale as well, which appears to have a sort of candied jelly to make up the red of the eye. The cookies also come in twos, and one pack of either of these, or the character print cookies will cost 450 yen (about US $4.14).

Next up, the official Tokyo Ghoul parfait captures the paradoxical mix of danger and beauty present in every ghoul. Utilizing the same colored chocolate of Kaneki's mask cake, this parfait decks the edge of the glass with a red kagune, adding a sense of enchantment to it. But don't be fooled, as this parfait has a bite to it too, as it contains a spicy jalapeño ice cream, which provides a tasty contrast to the sweetness of the rest of it. This look into the soul of a ghoul can be enjoyed for 800 yen (about US $7.35).

Finally, the default meal that a ghoul uses to put on the guise of a human is the sandwich. In order to help them with that, Patisserie Swallowtail has crafted a special Anteiku sandwich, which comes one of the kakugan ghoul eye cookies. The sandwich looks like it contains ham, tomato, lettuce, and cheese. However, if you're a ghoul and absolutely can't stand the taste of any of the above, maybe you can slip a little side order to have the ham replaced with a different kind of meat. This sandwich combo is available for 680 yen (about US $6.25).

Patrons of the patisserie will also be given a special present with each purchase of any of the above items. Using various screenshots from the anime, they have printed six different glossy picture cards. Should you buy any of the relevant Tokyo Ghoul treats, you will get to pick one of the six to take home for yourself.

Funimation acquired the rights for Tokyo Ghoul earlier this year, and streamed it online via their own VoD service, as well as Hulu. They also plan to release it for home video in the near future. According to the official Chinese website for the series, Tokyo Ghoul will be getting a second anime season, to begin in January.

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