Official Life-Size Pikachu Plush Weighs More Than 13 Pounds

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Pokemon and lifestyle/clothing company BEAMS are collaborating to release an official 1:1 scale Pikachu, which is meant to replicate the electric rodent's appearance from the original Pokemon Red & Green games (released in the US as Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue).

If he looks a little hefty, it's because he is. The overstuffed plush measures 0.4 m in height (~15.7"), and weighs 7 kg (~13.2 lb).

While this is certainly not the first "life-size" Pikachu plush to be made, it is a charming and purposeful throw-back to the original chubby 1996 character design. The designers made sure to reproduce his "slightly curved spine, straight ears, and short limbs."

This attention to detail will cost you, though. The plush is retailing for a whopping 17,000 yen (about US$155.60). It will be sold in limited quantities at BEAMS department stores, and online, with a November ship date.

[Via Hachima Kikou, Famitsu]

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